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We need to intake suitable meat, vegetable, fruits, milk and egg to live healthy, in order to source them we need to spend time on thinking, traveling, shopping, and finally carrying back home. However, are you still suffering from finding a parking spot under the hot sun in the shopping center? Or suffering from queuing in an endless line to pay your groceries in the trolley? It is time to wisely change not only for a better quality of living, but also for saving time, which is the most precious asset in our life. Farming Express is here to help you to save your time and energy from traditional shopping style.

Farming Express provides a wide range of fresh healthy premium farm products, which are the basic but the most essential things in our daily life. Farming Express as a gorgeous food platform offers a well-designed shortcut between you and the stores, which ultimately saves your time and energy to meet you daily needs. Farming Express provides a wide range of fresh healthy premium farm meats & products with reasonable price.

Our Strategy

We consistently create connectivity among different people and businesses to provide more knowledge access to all participants in food supply chain industry.
The most value driver in food industry is right information, As such we regularly share useful information among customers and businesses to help them make a correct decision for their purchase or sell.
Whether is true or not, helping people provide better future for all if they do not take advantages, helping customer to select the right product with right price or helping a farmer to sell his/her products with right rate is help us as well to grow.
Today technology change our life, woking with digital tools and application is now necessary, we have a capability to help any participants in food supply chain industry to have a better use of digital tools and application towards their personal life and business.
We continuously try to learn from food supply chain industry as it is very complex, then it is not easy to learn. So we conduct very simple research through industry for better undrestanding & learning.
If every one in food industry have easy access to fact and necessary news by social media or other sources, then the possibility of error would be certainly reduced, and consequently help to every one.

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