Popular Questions

How Order?
Please simply select your desired products and proceed to the online checkout. You will receive an email confirmation at the end of the transaction. Your credit card will then be charged. Your order will be freshly cut and packed and costed on the day of your delivery.
How We deliver?
We deliver all Items in hand packed and specially insulated in different size of cartons. Temperature: Our packaging keeps the food temperature without any changing over transportaion, which means your food can stay fresh. Delivery: Your Items deliver by refrigerator vehicle. Once your pack arrive, it is good you pack away your ingredients/products the fridge and they can then be stored based on their expire day on the label.
What is delivery area?
We currently deliver to the metro and surrounding areas of Sydney | Brisbane | Melbourne
Delivery Fee
Order Below $80 - Delivery Fee: $25 | Order Between $80-$139 - Delivery Fee: $12.50 | Order Over $140 - Free Delivery |
If I am not Home, can you deliver?
Yes, we can place your order Front & Back Door/ Reception/ Concierge, our packaging insulated temperature control that keeps your items fresh till you arrive home.
How Can I add delivery instruction?
You can simply add delivery instructions to the order before the payment. The instruction will be printed on the bag/box, in this way, you can leave a message for our driver to follow if you are not home. For instance, “Please buzz unit 114 or try call on 0415 333 564. If not home please leave delivery in mail area" or "Use code XXX to enter building and place delivery at front door on Level 5."
What are the delivery days?
Our Delivery is from Tuesday to Friday from 8:00 A.M-12:00P.M | 12:00  A.M- 4:00 P.M
How our Payments work?
Our Payment is proceeded by Commonwealth bank through E-Commerce & Online payment, it has 3D Secure payment for further safety.
Secure Check out
All Sensitive information, such as credit card and related financial information that is transmitted to farming express platform  is secured using encryption methods such as secure socket layers technology (SSL) and never shared with 3rd parties or stored on our Server.  
Product Price?
Fresh Meat : When you buy fresh red meat, you will pay for our standard weight quoted for the products. The listed weights (if any) for listed product are estimates based on the average weight of products we set up, and a variation between the estimated price and the actual price can be occurred, which we would round up or down. The actual per kilogram price of the products will be no more than the price per kilogram quoted in our Listing.
Can I Refund?
  • Customer has a right to cancel the orders and it is fully refundable. It needs to be noticed one day before the delivery.
  • Please note same day delivery cannot be cancelled.
  • If customer is not satisfied with the quality, we would happy to refund, just need to let us know and provide an explanation or images.
What is Farming Express?
Farming Express is the smarter way to shop for your daily food. Our Supply chain have developed the perfect environment for the food and found the sustainable distance from farms, dairies and fisheries to your table. We have all the healthy & attractive fresh foods you need on daily basis, all for less than you might be paying now, And we deliver it right to your door.
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