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    Beef Brisket Rolled

    $41.49 $39.99

    $ 13.99 /per 1 kg

    Cooking Method: Slow Roast & Cooking & BBQ

    What is beef brisket? The brisket is derived from between the shoulders and the forelegs of the beef. These muscles get a workout, which results in more flavour in the meat, and they are also well marbled with fat, adding even more flavor. Our Grass Feed Beef brisket is a fabulous cut of meat; it is texture and depth of flavour, and perfect for slow cooking or slow roasting which makes the connective tissue is melt over cooking.

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    Beef OX Tail


    $ 11.99 /per 1 kg

    Cooking Method: Slow cook

    Beef Oxtail is coming with the bone, OxTail is very delicious when slow cooked in the pot, complete with rich flavours and tender beef falling off the bone. Oxtail is also well known for soups with it’s gelatinous base for soup making. Buy Beef Oxtail Online.

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    Boneless Lamb Leg


    $ 21.99 /per 1 kg

    Cooking Method: Oven Roast / Grill

    This lamb leg is of the premium quality and it is perfect for both Dinner and special occasions, with generous helpings of rich, mouth-watering meat. For the best finish, roast long and slow leads the meat become more sweet and tenderised, it can serve with roast potatoes, carrots and homemade sauce.

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    Lamb & Goat Curry


    Lamb & Goat Curry Piece – Bone In

    Goat $13.99/ Per Kg

    Lamb $ 9.99/ Per kg

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    Lamb Shin & Shank


    $ 12.99 /per 1 kg

    Cooking Method: Slow Cooking/ Roast

    Lamb Shin & Shank has a deep flavour and lots of rich tenderness. If it cooks slowly, it taste is very melt and tender. Slow cooking with onion, carrots,potato, slat and paper for a while makes meat very tasty.

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    Tight Fillet


    $11.45 per 1 KG

    Boneless skinless chicken thighs are a great tasting, healthy. Not only you would love the convenience and easy preparation, you will feel more safe buying product that is antibiotic free, all vegetarian fed and sustainably farmed. These thighs are great fried, roasted, grilled or slow cooking with veggies.

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