beef eye fillet

Beef Eye Fillet


$ 38.99 /per 1 kg

Cooking Method: Grill/ Oven Roast/ Pan-Fry

Beef Eye fillet comes from the hindquarter where the muscles don’t do so much work, and consequently the meat is very tender and nice. The premium short portion is exquisitely tender and lean. It promises a full flavoured treat as the fat caramelises and tenderises the meat when cooked.

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Beef Eye fillet is known as beef tenderloin steak. Tenderloin steak is a beautifully tender steak with a subtle flavour, Eye Fillet Online no need to be marinated or cooked beyond medium rare, the tenderloin is usually delicious, juicy disc of lean and utterly tender beef. Eye fillet / Beef tenderloin roasted whole or cut into portions. Ideal to pan-fry, grill, oven roast or finely cut to prepare steak.

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Beef Fillet Size

1 x Whole Piece 1.3 kg