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Beef Flank Steak


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1 x Pack Approx.(1KG)

Cooking Method: BBQ/ Grill / Oven Roast

Flank steak is popular cut of beef comes from the beef’s belly muscles. It’s a very flavorful piece of meat, and lean with a tasty and tender if you learn how to cook it properly, you would love it. Flank steak is best enjoyed Roasted, Grilled over high heat or slow cooking | Buy Flank Steak Online.



Beef Flank Steak has low fat content, and it does not need to be trimmed. It can be seasoned simply with salt & pepper, and your desired meat rub.  Flank steak is ideal for grilling, stir-fries, steak, please be patience and wait least five minutes before serving, and slice thinly, it is preferably at a 45-degree angle, for the best texture.

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1 x Pack Approx.(1KG)