beef rib eye

Rib Eye | Scotch Fillet


$ 33.49 /per 1 kg

Cooking Method: BBQ/ Grill/ Oven Roast/ Pan-Fry

Beef Rib Eye Boneless Steaks, known as Scotch Fillet which resides on either side of the backbone towards the front of the animal. Scotch Fillet Steaks offers intense flavour with high levels of succulence and marbling. Beef Rib Eye Steak |Online Butchers

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Rib Eye as a beef scotch fillet, how to cook beef scotch fillet? the best way to cook a scotch fillet steak is Grilled scotch fillet for pan fried, also slow Roast scotch fillet is popular. Marinated scotch fillet steak is prefect for steak sandwich, how long to cook scotch fillet roast for sandwich. Meat sales online, meat for sale, online meat shopping.

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Additional information

Rib eye Size

4 x Slice (265g) – Approx. (1-1.1KG)

Grass & Grain Fed

Grass Fed Beef | Pasture Free Range, Grain Fed Beef | Mixture of Grain & Grass