Boneless Lamb Leg

Boneless Lamb Leg


$ 21.99 /per 1 kg

Cooking Method: Oven Roast / Grill

This lamb leg is of the premium quality and it is perfect for both Dinner and special occasions, with generous helpings of rich, mouth-watering meat. For the best finish, roast long and slow leads the meat become more sweet and tenderised, it can serve with roast potatoes, carrots and homemade sauce.

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Boneless Lamb Leg can be cut into diced for curry or fried, Another option is to cut the leg into steaks, which makes sense for those with small families, or those who need quick-cooking portions.

Our lambs are very lean as they are grass fed and very young in age, they have a beautiful flavour of premium lamb meat, it is best cooked with care to medium rare to taste the maximum delicious.


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1 x Pack- Approx. (1.5-1.6 KG)