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Beef OX Tail


$ 18.99 /per 1 kg

Cooking Method: Slow cook

Beef Oxtail is coming with the bone, OxTail is very delicious when slow cooked in the pot, complete with rich flavours and tender beef falling off the bone. Oxtail is also well known for soups with it’s gelatinous base for soup making. Buy Beef Oxtail Online.



Beef Oxtails are chunky round sections of bone covered with sweet meat; and deeply flavored and juicy. How to cook Oxtail? it get better and better when the longer Oxtail cooked. Many chefs are discovering that oxtails are as easy to prepare, as they are delicious. Order raw beef Ox Tail meat online by farming express and get delivered prime online oxtail meat to your door.Where can I buy Oxtails near me | where to buy ox tail meat.

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OX Tail

1 x Pack – Approx (0.9kg-1kg)