Whole Lamb

Whole Lamb (14-24kG)


$ 13.99 /per 1 kg

Cooking Method: Grill/ Oven Roast

Our  Lambs are very tasty and succulent fresh meat, if you eat once, then you always are going to pick it. Our Lambs feed by mix of wild grasses, flowers, herbs, heathers, and milk, which gives very rich taste, and flavour meat taste. Whole Lamb is prefect for family and who love eating free range young lamb. | Whole Lamb Sydney|

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Lamb Eating Quality (EQ)  is a key part of Farming Express supply chain, paddock to plate Strategy. Our grass fed lamb are selected from Organic and clean farms around NSW, over transportation we take care off our lambs very carefully for stress fee as it has a significant impact on Eating Quality (EQ). Grass Fed Meat Online.

Where to buy a whole lamb: Farming Express Deliver Fresh Premium Lamb Quality Meat to your door.

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Lamb Size

1 x Premium Lamb (14-16KG), 1 x Premium Lamb (16-18KG), 1 x Premium Lamb (18-20 KG), 1 x Premium Lamb (20-22KG), 1 x Premium Lamb (22-24KG)

Lamb Cut

Whole Lamb | Wrap Carcass, Cutting to Slices | Lamb In Box

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