Goat Meat

Goat Meat


Goat Meat

$16.49/ Per Kg

Whole Goat Approx.10-12KG | 14-16KG | 18-20 KG

Our Goat meat has a peppery bite with a light herby flavor and aroma taste with sweetness, they come from Grass-Fed farm| Buy a Goat.

We can cut the goat as you like with bone or boneless, and pack with small beautiful package, you can simply select in option.



Where to get goat meat? Farming Express is a goat meat supplier, we source premium fresh farm quality goat. Our Goats come from fresh and clean farm in NSW, we handing the best farm goat for our valuable customers.

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Whole Goat

1 x Whole Goat (10-12KG), 1 x Whole Goat (12-14KG), 1 x Whole Goat (14-16KG)


Whole Goat | Wrap it, Cutting & Boneless & Packing