Lamb Cutlets | Rack

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$ 34.99 /per 1 kg
Cooking Method: BBQ/ Grill/ Roast

Lamb Cutlets is very well marbled cut, and taste very rich flavour. It is ideal for personal pleasures or dinner parties with cutlets offering themselves to roasting on a high heat for juicy succulence. Our frenched Lamb Cutlet and ready to serve simply by seasoning and roasting/ grilling, simple as it is.



Our Fresh Premium Lamb Cutlets are a beautiful dinner party cut with the nice trimmed bone, they are very presentable individual portions of flavoursome Australian lamb. Cooking rack of lamb is easy,  can be roast or grill on a high heat until lamb get a rich and ideal finish, you can serve with buttery mashed potato and mustard cream sauce | buy lamb cutlet | How Cut lamb rack | Australian lamb cutlets



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1 x Rack- Approx. (0.90-1.1 KG)