lamb leg

Lamb Leg


Approx. 2-2.2KG | $ 16.99 /per 1 kg

Cooking Method: Roast/ BBQ Slice

Lamb Leg with bone is a lean cut with rich flavor and tender juiciness. It has its own solid taste and strong taste of meat. Easy to cook if roast or grill, just need a coating of garlic and olive oil with salt. This is short cut leg of lambĀ | Buy Lamb Online.

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Lamb Leg one of the best loved cuts of lamb; it can be roasted on the bone. The leg also includes the hind shanks, which are one of the great braising cuts. These can be left on the bone whole or crosscut for braising grinding.

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Leg Size

1 x Leg- Approx. (2-2.2 KG)