Premium fresh lamb Rack

Lamb Rack & Cutlet


$ 34.99 /per 1 kg
Cooking Method: BBQ/ Grill/ Roast

Lamb Rack is very well marbled cut, and taste very rich flavour. It is ideal for personal pleasures or dinner parties with cutlets offering themselves to roasting on a high heat for juicy succulence. The frenched Lamb Cutlet and ready to serve simply by seasoning and roasting/ grilling, simple as it is.

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Premium Fresh Lamb Cutlets are a beautiful dinner party cut with the trimmed bone, which are very presentable individual portions of flavoursome AUS lamb. For cooking, lamb cutlets oven, roast or grill on a high heat until lamb get a rich and ideal finish, you can serve with buttery mashed potato and mustard cream sauce.

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1 x Rack- Approx. (0.90-1.1 KG)