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Cooking Method: BBQ/ Grill/ Pan-Fry

T Bone meat is the tenderness of the eye filet and the full flavour of the Sirloin (New York Strip) beef steak, with a bone for bone lovers! That trademark bone in the middle Makes the meat to cook evenly and imparts a sweeter flavour. T-Bone is ideal for grilling or pan-roasting.





T-bone Meat Online is favourite of all who like Steak Meat, our T bone beef steak is brilliant and grass feed meat. For steak lovers, this is the ultimate cut of beef steak. By doing dry aged this steak brings out big flavour with lots of juicy tenderness which you love it. How to cook T Bone Steak? grilled T bone is best, pan fries with butter is brilliant, also t bone in oven can be nice. Where to buy T bone meat steak: Farming Express.

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T-Bone Size:

4 x Slice (375g) Approx. (1.5-1.6KG)


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